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Mariachi Phone Card

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Carrier is NW-IP

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Mariachi Phone Card - Your Ultimate Solution for Calling to and from Mexico

How many times have you wished to say "Hola!" to your family or friends, but had to forget about it due to scary rates of local phone companies? Mariachi card will solve this problem, allowing you to get real excitement from talking to special people over the phone without the need to count minutes. Mariachi features extra low rates for calls between the US and Mexico. You can benefit not only when you call to Mexico; all calls from Mexico have the same advantages. Sure you can use Mariachi to call all over the world as well.

Mariachi calling card has no connection fee. Users will enjoy Toll Free Numbers, Unlimited Validity Period (if the card is refilled at least once in 6 months) and Local Access Numbers for the United States and Mexico. Mariachi phone card has menu in English and Spanish, simple Refill option and PIN Free Access that allows registering your phone so that no PIN is needed to enter each time you make a call. The calling card has low maintenance fee and can be used just elsewhere!

Countries' borders are erased with Mariachi card and now you can be closer to your special people. Simple in use and convenient in any occasion, Mariachi is a perfect choice for any person who doesn't want to limit conversations.

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